Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Realesed Today

Today Seems to be a good day for releasing an albumn, their were over 15 albumns by differnt artists realeased today, some of the more noticble ones thou whould have to be a new one from the 'Newsboys' -shine . With our very own kiwi connection Phil Joel who has also released two solo albumns watching over you in 2000, and bring it on in 2002, He actully started with a band called 'drink water' here in NZ. These guys trully do rock, they put out thier first albumn 'Read all about it' in 1988. They also have an unnammed albumn and a DVD due out sometime in Feb,.

And also one from 'Kirk Franklin' - Hero whose last albumn 'rebirth of kirk franklin' came out on the 19 feb 2002 so it's been a while in the making . He started out with Kirk Franklin and the family which he assembled out of friends from around his neighbourhood, they became the family. He was a success from his very first albumn and has sung with artist's such as Toby Mac (from DC Talk), DJ Maj, Crystal Lewis and many others.

The next Big one to hit the streets is prob Kevin Max (DC Talk)- 'the imposter' due out on the 11 oct.


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